Benefits of daycare:                    

-exercise while you're at work or running errands

-socialization with other dogs

-no more messes while you're at work 

-your dog will come home ready to relax with you after a long, fun-filled day


Daycare prices:

Full day 10 pounds and over: $27.00

Full day under 10 pounds: $22.00

Half day 10 pounds and over: $20.00

Half day under 10 pounds: $16.00

(Drop off and pickup before 1:00 pm or drop off and pick up after 1:00 pm.)

Daycare discount:

Ask us about our package options!

Dogs must be in daycare at least twice a month to participate in our daycare program.

Daycare drop offs and pick ups are by appointment only. To make an appointment call 304-374-6800!

Prices do not include tax.